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Can You Tell Me How to Get...
                   Get To Sesame Place


Where else can you take your child to meet Cookie Monster, Big Bird, ride a rollercoaster and visit a waterpark all in the same day? Sesame Place of course, located in Langhorne, PA... just a few hour trip from south Jersey.


This was not our first trip to Sesame Place, and I have to say past trips were not an easy day for this mom, but I vowed I'd be more prepared for this trip and make the best of it. 


We packed the car with everything a family could need to enjoy a Sunny day with the furry friends from Sesame Street including the essentials:

  • Sun Block

  • Snacks

  • Beach Towels

  • Stroller

  • More Snacks

  • Bottled Water

  • Juice Boxes

  • Packed Lunch for all

  • More Bottled Water


Why the need for so many snacks? The cost of snacks in the park are crazy, much higher than other parks  similar "kid friendly" themes. On our last trip we spent an obsene amount of money on water ($4 per bottle) and popcorn ($6.50+). Although the park's FAQ page on their website states no outlside food permitted, we know from past trips that coolers are allowed and packed lunches are very popular at the many picnic table areas throughout the park.


Although the park is relatively small when compared to other parks, there is just enough to keep the little guys busy and just few enough to actually feel like you've been able to hit every ride before going home.


One of our favorite attractions were the "Nets "n" Climbs. Fun for the whole family, we weren't the only grown-ups getting stuck in nets and rolling around in the ball pits. The area's are sort of self contained, so we felt comfortable letting the kids explore these areas on their own after we got our fill of climbing.


I highly suggest you visit the park when it's warm enough to enjoy the water park features... if you miss out on those you may have a tough time finding enough attractions to really enjoy a whole day at the park without repeating a lot of the park rides.


There is a very cool "Neighborhood Street Party Parade" which coincidentally is the only way to actually get to see all your favorite Sesame Street friends. Miss the parade and your likely to miss your kiddie's favorite friend. Although there are photo ops with all of the characters the lines are long and they are scattered around the park with no real schedule, so it's difficult to be in the right place at the right time. Cookie Monster eluded us all day long, much to the disappointment of our youngest daughter.


Some of our Not So Favorite Things:


Parking: Expensive and a rather far walk from the park unless you choose the crazy expensive VIP parking and drop $30 before even getting out of the car.


Cost of Admission: Over $50 with no discounts... so do your best to find a coupon before planning the trip. Children over the age of 2 are charged the full price of admission, not really fair considering most 2-3 year old's won't be able to enjoy the majority of rides in the park.


Characters: We weren't thrilled with the characters who roamed the park, they weren't always particularly friendly and sometimes even seemed to be avoiding little fans on their as they shuffled by on their way to the bathroom or break area. 


Check out the website for more details before you hit the road, although the park is super large there are definitely some attractions you won't want to miss and others you probably want to pass on by.





Review provided by Sherri Brentari, mother of 5 and co-owner and feature writer for Jersey Shore Family.


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