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Product Review Process


The Jersey Shore Family official review process has a 5 part system (See details below).

You may submit multiple products for review, we just ask that you let us know how many of each product you’ll be sending so we can line up the Product Reviewers prior to receipt. Before submitting any products for review please email a full product description, suggested retail price, link to purchase and high resolution images Also, please advise us of any affiliate opportunities related to your products.


We do recommend sending multiple copies of each product as it helps facilitate a quick turn around for editorial, however it’s not necessary to send more than one sample.

  1. Products are submitted to one to three  product reviewers (PRs) - Reviewers have one week to test product and submit a brief review on overall impression of the product and a list of pros and cons. (Number of independent reviews corresponds to number of samples supplied).

  2. Following return of product and initial review the item is passed on to second round of PRs. Again, one week is allotted for evaluation and brief review submission.

  3. Reviews are compared by our product review editor. If the results are positive and similar they are submitted to copy editor to draft the final review for publication.

  4. If the first two rounds of reviews come back with more negative than positive results, we then offer the product up to other members of our product review team. If the product is chosen to be voluntarily reviewed by another PR then that review is taken into consideration as well.

  5. If third review is submitted with a vastly different result that the original reviews the Product Review Editor reevaluates the results and considers either publishing a product recommendation based on all 3 reviews OR the product gets offered up to other product testers for further review.


PLEASE NOTE: We only publish product recommendations. Products that receive poor reviews do not get featured. At the end of the 3rd review cycle we usually provide a brief summary to the manufacturer outlining our results... sometimes we offer up suggestions for improvement if relevant.

We normally give products 3-4 weeks to on the "Second Look" review list before we send our results back to the manufacturer. If you like I can ask the editor to put the feedback report together for you now so you can see some of the feedback so far.

For questions please call Sherrii at 609.380.7500 or email

Please Ship Sample Products to:

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10 East Camden Wyoming Avenue

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