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When to Get Emergency Help

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JSF Safety Tips


Allergic reaction to an insect bite

Go to urgent care when these symptoms are present:


  • Rapidly spreading redness or redness extending beyond the immediate area of the bite (exceeding a radius of one inch)

  • New redness around the area starts more than 24 hours after the bite

  • Severe and/or persistent pain


(cooking, stepping on a broken shell, etc.)

Go to urgent care when these symptoms are present:


  • The wound is still bleeding after applying direct pressure for 15 minutes

  • The severity of the wound is one more of the following:

    • Very deep or more than half of an inch long

    • Exposes tendon, bone or fat  

    • One the face or over a joint causing it to open when the joint moves

    • Too wide to press the edges back together

  • The wound has debris in it (e.g., glass, gravel, dirt, shard from a seashell)


Sunburn/sun poisoning

Go to urgent care when these symptoms are present:


  •         Blisters or rash that looks like hives

  •         Fever

  •         Chills

  •         Dizziness or lightheadedness

  •         Vomiting 



Heat Exhaustion

Go to urgent care when these symptoms are present:

  • Dizziness and flu-like symptoms

  • Vomiting

  • If rehydration/cooling off isn’t working



Go to urgent care when these symptoms are present:


  • Redness or irritation surrounding the bite

  • Flu like symptoms including headache or nausea

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Weakness and fatigue

  • A red bull’s-eye in the area surrounding the bite

  • Joint pain


Splinters (especially boardwalk)

Go to urgent care if:


  • A splinter is so deep it cannot be removed with common tweezer or will require "digging deep" and causing excessive bleeding

  • If the area around the splinter or place where a splinter was removed, is red, hot or "oozing"

  • Note: Boardwalk splinters are very hard to get out and usually needs a professional


Fishhook season

Go to urgent care if:


  • Fishhook is embedded in the skin, especially if there is a barb on the hook (Refrain from removing it yourself if there is a barb)

  • Punctured area is red, hot or "oozing"

Aside from the usual wave of summer patients, urgent care doctors worry summer-fun seekers and vacationers looking to “make up for lost time” will be especially prone to obtaining and/or ignoring injuries and illnesses that require professional treatment. In the long run, knowing when and how to visit an urgent care, or potentially avoid them completely—can go a long way toward helping you get back on your feet and back to vacation/activities as quickly as possible.

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