Adventures of New Dad Discovering Fatherhood

What goes through a man's head the day he finds out he is going to be a father? For me it was one of the most surreal, exciting and frightening (all at the same time) moments of my life! Will I be a good dad? Will my child love me? Am I ready for this? Will my baby be healthy? There are no shortage of questions coming to mind during such a life altering moment.

Welcome to my blog! I am Matt Usher. My firstborn was expected to arrive the day after Christmas of 2013. My beautiful daughter had different plans. I married my beautiful wife, Sevdelina (aka Sevi) on August 26, 2012. I was one of those guys who believed I would never get married. I couldn't imagine finding a woman amazing enough to want to be with forever. Boy, was I wrong! It came down to the simple fact that I just hadn't met HER yet.

I'd love your feedback, comments and questions... so please, let me know what you like, don't like and would like to see in my column. Check in often to follow my progress as a dad and join me in my Adventure of becoming a Jersey Shore Dad!

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