Is anyone ever completely ready for parenthood?

Do we all figure it out as we go? I joked with my wife that it will make a great story to our grand kids one day how hopelessly unprepared we were and how it all worked out beautifully in the end. I am a hopeless optimist. I believe my optimism is what has kept my head above water through the more challenging times in my life.

At any new job or venture, one should expect a learning curve. No one has all of the answers starting out in any new field. Parenthood is arguably the most important and one of the most difficult new experiences any of us ever go through.

We live in an Information Age. It is not difficult to find limitless how-to books or when in doubt, ask Google. The main challenge is in choosing which how-to books to read or how-to ask Google! We have the apps on our iPhones: My Pregnancy and My Baby from Baby Center. They are great apps that tell you what to expect as a pregnant woman and what the baby's development is day-to-day, with lots of helpful tips.

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