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I was born in 1983 in northeast Philadelphia. My mother was nearly 20 when she gave birth to me. She owned a hair salon in Philly around the corner from my grandparents home. I never met my biological father. I certainly had no shortage of love growing up. My favorite childhood memories were in the summers in Ocean City, NJ. I loved going to the beach all day, boardwalk at night and wake boarding with my uncles on Sundays. We were fortunate that my grandparents had their summer home. My whole childhood I felt much more "at home" down the shore than I felt in Philadelphia. Some of my favorite memories in Philly were from Sundays and Wednesday nights at our church, Calvary Memorial. This was a great church for young kids. They had many group activities and programs for kids and I had a lot of friends there. My grandfather passed away from cancer the week before I graduated 8th grade. This was devastating to me, it was like losing my father far too young.

In 1999, when I was 15, I moved to Galloway with my mother. I traded an all-boy, uniformed prep school in Philly for the co-ed, jeans and t-shirt public school, Absegami. This was a great trade for a 15 year old boy! I met some fun new friends and we had some wild times. I had no desire to continue my education after high school because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and was aware that 70% of kids who go to college end up working in a field they didn't go to school for. I decided instead to get working and go through the School of Hard Knocks.

Through my 20s I was mostly earning a living as a waiter at various restaurants. In 2005, I met my Kung Fu master teacher, Charles Xavier Farrell. He is the 1995 International Tai Chi push hands champion. I have studied and trained in Tai Chi and Qi Gong under him ever since. I am licensed to teach these arts myself and have taught people sporadically.

I had a two and a half year period where I moved to York, PA to work with an old buddy from high school for his mortgage company. I was a licensed loan originator. I found over time that I am not meant for an office job. It didn't feed the fires of my passions (way too repetitive) plus I was gaining some weight sitting at a computer desk 10 hours a day. I believe our passions are what lead us to our purpose. Throughout my life I always question how much excitement comes from my next venture. That has been my guide.

In March of 2010, I moved back to NJ, got another waiter job in AC and life moved on.In May of 2010 I met Sevi through an old Bulgarian buddy I kept in contact with. I was immediately fascinated by her. She is an exotic beauty with a French-Bulgarian accent who is even more beautiful on the inside, she has a heart of gold. She is quite brilliant and yet, humble and down-to-earth. I was not dumb enough to ignore such a rare woman. We lived together in a studio apartment in AC for 2 years before we wed on a summer's eve. It was a small ceremony with 30 guests. It was a magical night full of love and warmth. Our honeymoon consisted of stops at Baltimore, Washington DC and a week stay at Massanutten Resort in the Shanandoah Valley in Virginia. We had a great week there hiking through mountains, canoeing down rivers, zip lining and relaxing in a beautiful 5 star resort.

About seven months later Sevi conceived. We did not plan to have children yet. Regardless of how scared we were, we were more thrilled for the exciting adventure of creating a family together. I have become more family oriented, less interested in going out and more interested in providing a stable and secure environment for my family. The past 9 months have been heavily occupied by OB/GYN visits, ultrasounds and many trips to Babies R Us to put together a registry for the baby shower. The seemingly endless options they have available for babies is a bit overwhelming! We have checklists of must-haves and may-needs, comparison shopping devices through shop.com and never ending support from family and friends. We are taking this great adventure one step at a time.

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