Alexa’s BIRTHday

By 3 AM she was utterly exhausted and was breathing shallow from all the constant pain. Contractions weren't the issue, we were waiting for Sevi to dilate. Even though we both wanted to go completely natural, we had to make a last minute judgement call and Sevi got an epidural around 3:30AM. At 8AM the doctor was getting concerned because she was getting a slight fever. We were given 2 more hours or they were going to insist on a Caesarean. At 9:55AM, she was checked again and was miraculously dilated completely in those last 2 hours! Our prayers were answered and Sevi began to push for the vaginal birth. Sevi only pushed for about 20 minutes for our angel Alexa to come out like a rocket into the arms of our midwife, Angie. Amazingly, my mother showed up literally 20 seconds before Sevi gave birth.

Alexa Sage was born at 10:20AM on Tuesday, January 7 in Pomona, NJ. She was 20 1/4 inches long and weighed 6lbs 15oz. She is so precious. She certainly lived up to our nickname for her, little angel.

She is a very happy and healthy baby. She received a 9.9 APGAR score. Her first smile was moments after she was born when Sevi was holding her and we both looked at her with our love-at-first sight gazes. Nevertheless, out of utmost caution, she was taken to NICU because she swallowed a bit of Meconium (baby bowel movement) in the womb. Did any of you go through this?

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